Tax Mapping Team for the Mass Appraisal of Buildings

Tax Mapping Team for the Mass Appraisal of Buildings

The City Assessor’s Office now has a team exclusively tasked with the Mass Appraisal of Buildings within the city for taxation purposes. This team was formed to update the assessment records of buildings, Taxable and Exempt, including its floor area, classification, actual use, building kind and Cadastral Lot Number.

It is the duty of the property owner to declare or present to the City Assessor’s Office his/her properties within 60 days of acquiring, improving or occupying said property. But for some reason, only very few individuals are practicing this, resulting to a very outdated assessment records. This team aims to update the information in the assessment records to also reflect the buildings on a specific Cadastral Lot Number.

Before deploying the team to a specific Barangay, a Notice of inspection is given to the barangay to inform them of the Mass Appraisal. A drone map is also prepared to better see the location of the buildings and be able to reflect the same on the Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheets (FAAS). The drone map helps in identifying where the improvements are in a specific barangay.

The Team is then sent to the barangay with the drone map and the list of the improvements as per records in the office. They will then assess each property using the FAAS and fill-out the needed information including the owner of the said improvement who is given the Sworn Statement to be filled out by him/her or his/her authorized representative. Updates or reassessment is also done to buildings that already has a record in the office to reflect the current appraisal of the building. Computations and encoding of the FAAS are then done in the office as well as with the preparation of Tax Declaration (based on the approved FAAS) and the Notice of Assessment, which will be given to the owner to inform him/her of the updated annual Real Property Tax.


    This project would improve the Real Property Tax Collection and Assessment Records with Data Cleansing, updating of the assessment of buildings and Issuance of Newly Discovered Improvements/Buildings for each Barangay within the city.