Female cadet brings pride to the City of Baybay

2LT MARY ASSUMPTHA P. SANTIAÑEZ PA-O-21028 and her proud parents, Rolando Santiañez and Cheryl Santiañez, received from the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) of Baybay City, headed by Vice Mayor Atty. Ernesto M. Butawan, and the City Mayor, Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari a copy of the resolutions congratulating 2LT SANTIAÑEZ for her achievement and her parents for their love and support to their daughter who had given pride and honor to the City of Baybay.

City of Baybay.  “It took me four (4) years to realize that this is the path that God has prepared for me. Actually, GOD has plans for each and every one of us and, sooner or later, He will lead us to His plan and all that we have to do is acknowledge it. We just have to follow our hearts and trust in GOD because where you happily excel is where GOD wants you to be.”

2LT MARY ASSUMPTHA P SANTIAÑEZ PA-O-21028, a Baybayon who graduated 16th Place in her class at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), revealed this in an interview.

According to “Au-au” (2LT SANTIAÑEZ’ nickname), her parents were the ones who have been encouraging her to take the PMA Entrance Examination but for fear that she wouldn’t make it, she decided to enroll with the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Visayas State University (VSU) Main campus.

But her decision to take another course did not stop GOD’s plan for her because according to the VSU Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Unit, “She was a proud alumnus of the VSU Advanced Officers Corps, a member of Batch MASIDLAK CL-13-14. She was also the Corps 3 Operations Officer of the VSU ROTC Unit during School Year 2015-2016. She was instrumental for the success of the Unit because of her passion, dedication to duty and smartness that resulted for the VSU ROTC Unit to retain the Championship Title of the Best ROTC Unit in Region 8 during the conduct of the Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection (RAATI) in 2016.”

“Then I read an announcement about the PMA Entrance Examination in Tacloban City so my colleague and myself went to take the examination and In God’s grace I passed. But when I learned that passers must undergo a complete physical examination at the V. Luna Medical Center of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Manila, again I was having second thoughts because I will be going there all by myself. But when my parents asked me if I wanted to pursue this path, determined I said yes,” added LT SANTIAÑEZ.

Au-au said that the life of a cadet isn’t easy but it is self-fulfilling, “I had a lot of first times in my life and when I started developing personal relationship with my fellow cadets and when I had the chance to mentor other cadets, I can honestly say that it’s all worth it.”

In closing, 2LT SANTIAÑEZ said that she is glad to have a chance to say something to the young dreamers who will be reached by this article, “Always trust in GOD for He has plans for us and have the courage to pursue the path that He had laid for us.”

Proud of her accomplishments, the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) of the City of Baybay, headed by the Presiding Officer, Atty. Ernesto M. Butawan, passed Resolution No. 2021-172 congratulating 2LT MARY ASSUMPTHA P SANTIAÑEZ PA-O-21028, a resident of Barangay Gregorio F. Loreto Sr. Zone 18 for having graduated at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) last May 10, 2021, under the MASALIGAN (Mandirigmang Samahan ng Lakas at Sandigan ng Bayan) Class of 2021, giving honor and pride to the City of Baybay.

They also passed Resolution No. 2021-173 expressing congratulations and appreciation to spouses Rolando Santiañez and Cheryl Santiañez, for the dedicated love and support to their daughter 2LT MARY ASSUMPTHA P. SANTIAÑEZ PA-O-21028.

Vice Mayor Butawan said that it is the tradition of the Sangguniang Panlungsod to acknowledge the achievements of Baybayanons, thru a resolution, because they give honor and pride to the City of Baybay.

In a separate interview, her mother said that she (Mrs. Santiañez) was hesitant to allow her daughter to go to the PMA because of the risk that goes with the career that Au-au had chosen. “But since this is what she is destined to be, we can only trust GOD’s plan for her,” she added.

The handing of the said SP Resolutions, to 2LT SANTIAÑEZ and her parents, by City Mayor Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari and the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) of Baybay City, was held at the Minahal Kita Native Restaurant, located at the Kan-ipa Diversion Road in the City of Baybay on the evening of June 5, 2021, the night before 2LT SANTIAÑEZ left for Fort Andres Bonifacio in Taguig, Metro Manila for the Service Orientation for the new PMA graduates before they will be deployed.

Among the Sangguniang Panlungsod Members who graced the activity were Hon. Romulo Alcala, Hon. Fulton Ike Arradaza, Hon, Dominic Murillo, Hon. Edgar Ompoy, Hon. Atty. Jose Rommel Peñaranda, Hon. Jorge Rebucas, Hon. Ramon Ronald Veloso, Liga ng mga Barangay President Hon. Philipi Siu and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation President, Hon. Mark Michael Unlu-cay. (Marissa Miguel Cano, City Information Officer III, City of Baybay, Leyte)