City Accounting Office

City Accounting Office

Mr. Jay Ryan O. Austero

OIC - City Accountant

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To effectively strive in providing authentic information, distribute and carry-out accounting services with professionalism, efficiency and excellence to all our clients.


Mandated by law to provide an efficient, genuine and realistic financial information to our local legislators and the entire stakeholders as a guide in the decision-making process for the benefit of the general public.

Organizational Chart

Services Offered

Frontline Service:

All LGU Transactions and other related transactions

Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday (8:00AM to 5:00PM except Holidays)

Who May Avail of the Service:

Anybody with transaction to the LGU

Maximum Time to Complete the Process:

18-20 mins.

Total Amount of Fees to be Paid:



Below is the Summary List of all Main Requirements for each Transaction:

A.     Construction/Project:


1. Journal Entry Voucher (JEV)

13. Purchase Order (PO)

25. Cert. of Completion

2. Obligation Slip (OS)

14. Inspection & Acceptance Report (IAR)

26. Invoice Receipt for Property

3. Disbursement Voucher (DV)

15. Requisition Issue Slip (RIS)

27. Inventory Custodian Slip

4. Purchase Request (PR)

16. Acknowledgement Receipt for Equipment

28. Memorandum of Agreement

5. Canvass Sheet (CS)

17. Waste Material Report

29. Affidavit of Undertaking

6. Abstract of Quotation/Bid

18. JO/Acceptance/Job Satisfaction Cert.

30. Official Acknowledgement Receipt

7. Cert. of Canvass Posting

19. Detailed Estimates

31. Cert. of PhilGeps Registration

8. Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

20. Individual Project Program of Work

32. Business Permit

9. Project Procurement Management Plan(PPMP)

21. Cert. of Inspection

33. BIR COR 2303

10. Communication/ Project Proposal

22. Pre & Post Inspection Report


11. Bid Notice Abstract (PhilGEPS)

23. Accomplishment Report

35. Others: Picture, Sketch Plan, FS, Bid Docs, etc.

12. BAC Resolution

24. Statement of Work & Accomplishment Report



B.     Financial Assistance:


1. Journal Entry Voucher (JEV)

 8. Brief Findings (DSWD)

15. Statement of Account/Billing

2. Obligation Slip (OS)

 9. Social Case Study Report (DSWD)

16. Clinical Abstract

3. Disbursement Voucher (DV)

10. Brgy. Certificate of Indigency

17. Estimated Cost for Hemodialysis

4. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

11. Medical Cert.

18. Doctor’s Prescription

5. Solicitation Letter/Request Letter

12. Medical Abstract

19. Others:

6. Official Acknowledgement Receipt

13. Cert. of Death


7. Cert. of Eligibility (DSWD)

14. Funeral Contract/Memorial Service




C.     Supplies/Equipment:


1. Journal Entry Voucher (JEV)

9. Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP)

17. Invoice Receipt for Property

2. Obligation Slip (OS)

10. Bid Notice Abstract (PhilGEPS)

18. Inventory Custodian Slip

3. Disbursement Voucher (DV)

11. Resolution (BAC)

19. Cert. of PhilGeps Registration

4. Purchase Request (PR)

12. Purchase Order (PO)

20. Business Permit

5. Canvass Sheet (CS)

13. Inspection & Acceptance Report (IAR)

21. BIR COR 2303

6. Abstract of Quotation

14. Requisition Issue Slip (RIS)


7. Cert. of Canvass Posting

15. Acknowledgement Receipt for Equipment

23. Others:

8. Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

16. Waste Material Report



D.     Travel Order/Cash Advance for Travel/Reg. Monthly Travel


1. Journal Entry Voucher (JEV)

7. Itinerary of Travel

2. Obligation Slip (OS)

8. Cert. of Travel Completed

3. Disbursement Voucher (DV)

9. Cert. of Appearance/Attendance

4. Time Book and Payroll

10. Liquidation Report

5. Communication/Invitation Letter

11. Memorandum

6. Travel Order

12. Others:


E.     Land Purchase


1. Journal Entry Voucher (JEV)

8. City Appraisal Committee Resolution

17. Realty Tax Computation Slip

2. Obligation Slip (OS)

9. Tax Declaration of Real Property

18. Certification (Assessor)

3. Disbursement Voucher (DV)

10. Official Receipt (CTO) – Updated RPT Payment

19. Real Property Tax Due Bill

4. Cert. of Availability Fund

11. Certification (CTO)

20. Cert. of Authorizing Registration (CAR)

5. Deed of Absolute Sale

12. Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

21. Capital Gain Tax (CGT)

6. SP Resolution for requesting

13. Special Power of Attorney

22. Documentary Stamp Tax

    Assist/Appraise the Private Lots

14. Transfer Certificate of Title

23. Transfer Tax

7. SP Resolution for authority of the

15. Original Certificate of Title


   City Mayor to Purchase Lot

16. Sketch Plan with Bearings & Certification (CPDO)



3rd Floor Baybay City Hall

Brgy. Gaas, Baybay City, Leyte

Email: [email protected]

For complaints / suggestions, please contact the City Accountant’s email at [email protected]