Central to the Logo is the Rizal Monument, Baybay’s landmark, which symbolizes Baybay itself owing to the fact that it is unique compared to other monument created in other places. Spreading out of the monument are rice fields and rays of development and success, as Baybay is the mother who provides for her children. Flying above the monument is a dove which symbolizes peace, the state that Baybayanon’s seek and sustain. It also symbolizes hope for the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations. The coconut and the abaca at the left represent the major trades of the city. Asides from farming, many Baybayanon’s also earn their living by fishing. Local fisher folks are represented by the lone fisherman sailing towards the dove and the monument, hoping for fulfillment and success. Above the sea is an abstract drawing symbolizing the ideal serenity and progress of Baybay. Another bulwark of the city is Mount Pangasugan at the background of the logo. It represents the richness of Baybay’s natural resources and the greatness of Baybayanon’s dreams and visions. Flowing in the mount is the waterfalls and the river representing the source of life of the people of Baybay. The dots that surround the logo represents the 92 barangays of Baybay City.