Post Abattoir Inspection

Post Abattoir Inspection

Post Abattoir Inspection

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Post-abattoir inspection is a crucial process in ensuring the safety and quality of meat products after they have been processed in the slaughterhouse. This inspection takes place twice a month and involves thorough examinations of the facilities, equipment, and the meat itself to identify any potential issues that may compromise public health or violate regulatory standards. Trained inspectors, conduct these inspections to verify that the abattoir is operating in compliance with hygiene and sanitation regulations.

During the post-abattoir inspection, inspectors assess the cleanliness of the processing areas, check the condition of equipment, and examine the overall hygiene practices employed in the facility. They also scrutinize the meat for any signs of contamination or abnormalities that could pose risks to consumers. This regular and systematic evaluation helps maintain high standards in the meat industry, ensuring that the products reaching the market are safe for consumption and meet the established quality benchmarks. The bi-monthly frequency of these inspections ensures a consistent and vigilant oversight, contributing to the overall integrity of the meat supply chain.





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