Baybay City establishes first centralized Sewerage Treatment Facility in Region 8

Baybay City establishes first centralized Sewerage Treatment Facility in Region 8

The City of Baybay, having the longest coastline in the Province of Leyte, prides itself on its abundant natural resources, particularly its coastal and riverine ecosystems. However, untreated wastewater discharge consisting of organic matter, soaps and detergents, oil, and other chemicals has a potential to cause pollution that not only threatens the state of health of these ecosystems but also the health and livelihood of nearby communities. The Local Government Unit strives for the protection, conservation, and rehabilitation of the ecosystems through various efforts, one of which is the Baybay City Sewerage Treatment Facility.

The Sewerage Treatment Facility (STF), is one of the major advocacies of City Mayor Jose Carlos L. Cari that has come to fruition with the support of Congressman Carl Nicolas C. Cari with its implementation attributed to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). It aims to provide an effective wastewater treatment system for the liquid waste discharged from households, business establishments, transport terminals, and the public market.

Located at a one-hectare lot at Brgy. Santo Rosario, it is a model described as a low-maintenance treatment technology using physical and natural processes. The wastewater flows through a series of chambers for primary treatment and filtration then proceeds to the biological treatment through an artificial reed bed.

A 2-kilometer-long reinforced concrete pipe culvert having a diameter of 1.5 meters has been installed under R. Magsaysay Avenue and strategically selected streets. This serves as the main sewer pipe that connects the sewer lines in the Poblacion area to the Sewerage Treatment Facility.

The facility ensures that no untreated wastewater from the most economically active and most densely populated part of the City shall be discharged into the rivers and ocean. The Baybay City Sewerage Treatment Facility is proudly the first of its kind within Region 8 and will be subject to benchmarking activities and educational tours. The construction of the facility started on May 2023 costing approximately 80 million and is projected to be in operation in early 2024. The management and operation in the succeeding years will be turned over to the Baybay City Water District.