Baybay City Immaculate Conception Hospital (BCICH) CY 2023 Comprehensive Report

BCICH Accomplishment


In the calendar year 2023, Baybay City Immaculate Conception Hospital (BCICH) admitted a robust total of 9,856 patients. Of this figure, a significant majority, totaling 7,496 patients or 76%, came from the City of Baybay. Additionally, Mahaplag contributed 967 patients, representing 10% of the total admissions, while Inopacan accounted for 7.2%, with 711 patients.

Furthermore, the collective contributions from Hindang, Hilongos, Bato, and Abuyog each constituted 2%, 1%, 1%, and 1% of the total admissions, respectively. These detailed statistics underscore the broad regional impact of BCICH, as it extends its healthcare services to residents not only within the immediate City of Baybay but also across neighboring municipalities.

Remarkably, patients from the 5th District of Leyte, representing the primary catchment area of BCICH, totaled an impressive 9,638 or 98% of the hospital’s total admissions in CY 2023 (see Table 1). These figures underscore BCICH’s integral role in providing healthcare services to the local community and beyond.

Table 1. 2023 Patient Admission Report of BCICH

Matalom3221 1122437340
Southern Leyte 4322641531334
Javier121     231 10
Mayorga 1          1
Tanauan  1      1  2
Palo 1          1
Tacloban11   1     14
Albuera1472148811 416209122
Ormoc2  1211    18
Kananga1  1 1     25
Merida  1     1   2
Palompon1     1    13
Isabel 3111  1 1  219
Villaba    1 1     2
Calubian          1 1
Batangas          1 1
Biliran         1  1
Bohol   12   1   4
Cebu           22
Laguna         1  1
Samar         11 2
Pangasinan  1         1
Marinduque   1        1
Surigao   1        1



A. Geographical Profile of the Admitted Patients

In 2023, patients admitted to the hospital hailed from 31 diverse locations. Notably, a few individuals traveled from beyond the confines of Leyte, reaching as far as Marinduque and Pangasinan.

This geographic diversity emphasizes the hospital’s reputation as a trusted healthcare provider, attracting patients not only from the local region but also from distant areas seeking more affordable treatment or zero billing through the Malasakit Program.


Future Outlook

Building upon these figures and information, BCICH is enthusiastic about the continued expansion of its healthcare services, catering not only to the residents of Baybay but also extending its reach to neighboring towns and locations. This trajectory is reinforced by the increasing interest of health professionals applying to serve in the hospital and the growing collaboration with other healthcare institutions, solidifying BCICH’s commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare to a wider community.


Daily Census

Figure 1. Average Daily Census of Admitted Patients in BCICH, CY 2023.

Among the various assessment tasks for measuring the performance of healthcare institutions like BCICH, the daily census metric stands out as one of the most significant. The Daily Census is calculated by summing the newly admitted patients and in-patients served by the hospital, and then subtracting the number of discharged patients for a given date. On average, the daily census of admitted patients is 115. This figure should be evaluated in the context of BCICH’s license as a 50-bed capacity healthcare institution. In CY 2023, BCICH is operating at more than 130% of its rated capacity and organizational set-up. Despite these challenges, BCICH remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering optimal care and looks forward to enhancing services in CY 2024.

Table 2 displays the distribution of patients by type, with the majority (91%) being adults. October recorded the highest number of admitted patients, while February had the lowest.

Table 2. Distribution of patients according to type (Adult and Newborn) and average daily census, CY 2023.

MonthAdultNewbornTotal Average Daily Census


 Table 3 presents the top ten leading causes of morbidity categorized by sex. The top leading cause of morbidity is Pneumonia for both males and females, followed by urinary tract infection. Particularly, both diseases affect more females than males.

Table 3. Top Ten Causes of Morbidity by Sex, CY 2023

Causes of MorbidityNumber
1.     Pneumonia7267401466
2.     Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)369470839
3.     Acute Gastroenteritis350265615
4.     Acute Gastritis216222438
5.     Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease130160290
6.     Cerebral Concussion155108263
7.     Dengue138107245
8.     Diabetes Mellitus9658154
9.     Pulmonary Tuberculosis7645121
10.  Cerebral Infarction5553108


Table 4 presents the top ten causes of mortality admitted at BCICH, disaggregated by sex in CY 2023. Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease emerges as the leading cause of mortality for both males and females, followed by Pneumonia. Notably, Pneumonia, which holds the first position in morbidity, also stands as the top second leading cause of mortality.

Table 4. Top Ten Causes of Mortality by Sex, CY 2023

Causes of Mortaliy (Underlying)Number
1.      Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease191837
2.      Pneumonia171128
3.      Acute Myocardial Infraction121527
4.      Cerebrovascular Accident Infarction131023
5.      Pulmonary Tuberculosis11920
6.      Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease11314
7.      Diabetes Mellitus5510
8.      Prematurity527
9.      Breast Cancer066
10.   Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) Hemorrhage325


At BCICH, the operations conducted encompass a diverse range of specialties, including Neuro Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Abdominal procedures, Obstetric/Gynecologic surgeries, Head and Neck surgeries (inclusive of ear, nose, and throat procedures), and General Surgery. Table 5 shows the major and minor operations conducted at BCICH in CY 2023.

Type of OperationFrequency
Neuro Surgery 
·  Cranioplasty6
·  Craniectomy2
·  Craniotmy1
·  Decompression Laminectomy1
·  Excision  Of Cavernous Hemangioma1
·  Frontal Tube Ventriculostomy1
·  Tube Verticulostomy1
Urologic Surgery 
·  Herniotomy3
·  Cystolithotomy (Urinary Bladder)1
·  E/L Cystectomy1
·  Orchidectomy, Circumcission1
·  Radical Orchidectomy1
·  Suprapubic Cystostomy1
Orthopedic Surgery 
·  Open Reduction Internal Fixation (Orif)16
·  Below Knee Amputation8
·  Above Knee Amputation5
·  Open Treatment Of Humeral Shaft  Fracture4
·  Big Toe Amputation3
·  Orif Osteosynthesis Of Frontal Fracture3
·  Achilles Tendon Repair2
·  Intramedullary Nailing Right Femur And Right Tibia2
·  Open Treatment Of Distal Radial Fracture2
·  Open Treatment Patellar Fracture2
·  Amputation Of Metatarsophalengeal Joint1
·  Application Of Multiplane, External Fixation1
·  Arthotomy Knee1
·  Fixation, Exploration Femur, Partial Excision Of Bone Femur For Osteomyelitis1
·  Hip Replacement1
·  Laminectomy With Psoas Abscess Evacuation1
·  Minimally Invasive Plating Under Ga (Arm)1
·  Open Reduction  Spinal Fusion T3 And T41
·  Open Treatment Of Ankle Dislocation1
·  Open Treatment Of Right Forearm Fracture1
·  Open Treatment Of Zygomaxillary Fracture1
·  Open Treatment Subtrochanteric Femur1
·  Open Treatmet  Of Distal Femoral Fracture1
·  Percutaneous Skeletal Fixation Of Distal-Radial Fracture1
·  Treatment Of Femoral Neck Fracture With   Prosthetic Replacement1
Abdominal Surgery 
·  Open  Cholecystectomy65
·  Appendectomy55
·  E/L Appendectomy46
·  Mesh Herniorrhaphy28
·  Hernioplasty13
·  Hydrocelectomy4
·  Open Partial Cholecystectomy, Jp Drain Insertion4
·  Exploratory Laparotomy3
·  Evacuation Of Hemoperitoneum Peritoneal Lavage2
·  E/ L Omenlectomy1
·  E/L Evacuation On Intestinal Content Resection Anastomosis, Jp Drain Insertion1
·  E/L Gastrorrhaphy1
·  E/L Herniocolectomy1
·  E/L Peritoneal Fluid Cystology1
·  E/L Transverse Loop Colostomy1
·  Hemilectomy Large Intestine1
·  Hernioplasty, Omenlectomy1
·  Repair Of Umbilical Hernia1
Obstetric/Gynecologic Surgery 
·  Cesarian Section519
·  Cesarian Section With Btl110
·  Total Abdominal Hysterectomy With Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy16
·  E/L Salphingectomy9
·  E/L Salphingo-Oophorectomy9
·  Pelvic Laparatomy5
·  Cesarian Section  With Salpingectomy, Oophorectomy Unilateral Tubal Ligation4
·  Cesarian Section With Iud Insertion3
·  Modified Radical Mastectomy3
·  E/L Oophorectomy2
·  E/L Ovarian Cystectomy2
·  E/L Total Abdominal Hysterectomy2
·  E/L Wedge Resection Cornual With Tubal Ligation2
·  Myomectomy2
·  Salphingectomy2
·  Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (Tah)2
·  Cesarian Section With Cystectomy1
·  Cesarian Section With Myomectomy1
·  Mastectomy1
·  Vaginal Hysterectomy1
·  E/L Subtotal Hysterectomy1
Head And Neck Surgery
(Ear, Nose, Throat)
·  Lobectomy Thyroid3
·  Subtotal Thyroidectomy1
General Surgery 
·  Closed Treatment (Debridement)1
·  Laparatomy Adhesiolysis1
·  Post Op Wound Exploratory, Removal Of Retained Hematoma1
·  Wound Re Expolaration1
·  E/L Released Of Intestinal Band1
·  Fasciotomy1
·  Debridement Of Open Fracture1



January 2024

  • Liver Cancer & Viral Hepatitis Prevention Month

February 2024

  • Philippine Heart Month
  • National Cancer Awareness Month
  • World Cancer Day on February 4, 2024

March 2024

  • Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgical Mission on March 13-19, 2024