City Ordinance No. 16, S-2018
An Ordinance Amending City Ordinance No. 16, S-2017, an Ordinance protecting the children from Junk food and Unhealthy drinks and instill in them the values of good health particularly category III sec 5, and providing the penalty and appropriation section thereof.

City Ordinance No. 15, S-2018
An Ordinance amending city No. 14 S-2017, an Ordinance promoting and production of Organically produced Fruits and vegetables for good Health, providing penalty and appropriation sections thereof.

City Ordinance No.10 S-2018

An Ordinance Instituting the Mosquito Borne diseases Control and Program and Services.

City Ordinance No. 16 S-2017
An Ordinance Protecting the Children from Junk Foods and Unhealthy Drinks and Instill in them the Values of Good Health.

City Ordinance No. 04, S-2016
Ordinance Adopting the Implementation of the Tuberculosis Control Program.

City Ordinance No. 03, S-2016
Ordinance Establishing Baybay Medical Diagnostic and Dialysis Center.

City Ordinance No. 02, S-2016
Ordinance Adopting the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)-Based Health Information System.

City Ordinance No. No. 008, S-2015
he Maternal and Child Health Care Code

Municipal Ordinance No. 001, S-2003
Ordinance creating a PHILHEALTH capitation Funds from the proceeds of the Outpatient  Consultation and diagnostic benefit package to be provided.

Municipal Ordinance No. 007, S-2002

An Ordinance Implementing RA No. 8172 or Asin Law and to Provide Mechanisms to Ensure Enforcement of its Provisions.

Municipal Ordinance No. 96-009

An Ordinance Creating a Trust Fund of P25,000.00 for Financial Assistance coverage of P3,000.00 in case of Death and P1,000.00 as Burial Expenses to each deceased member.