City Ordinance No. 16 S-2017
An Ordinance Protecting the Children from Junk Foods and Unhealthy Drinks and Instill in them the Values of Good Health.
City Ordinance No. 04, S-2016
Ordinance Adopting the Implementation of the Tuberculosis Control Program.

City Ordinance No. 03, S-2016
Ordinance Establishing Baybay Medical Diagnostic and Dialysis Center.

City Ordinance No. 02, S-2016
Ordinance Adopting the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)-Based Health Information System.

City Ordinance No. No. 008, S-2015
he Maternal and Child Health Care Code

Municipal Ordinance No. 001, S-2003
Ordinance creating a PHILHEALTH capitation Funds from the proceeds of the Outpatient  Consultation and diagnostic benefit package to be provided.