City Ordinance No. 13 S-2017
An Ordinance Reclasifying a Portion of Barangay Maganhan Reverbed Situated at Barangay Maganhan This City from Agricultural  Zone (AGZ) to Special Purpose Zone (SPZ).

Municipal Ordinance No. 001, S-2004
An Ordinance Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 008, S-1996,  This Municipality extending additional assistance to the Barangay Police Auxillaries.

Municipal Ordinance No. 004, S-2003
An Ordinance Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 96-009 giving Financial Assistance to Accredited Barangay Health Workers, to include Barangay Nutrition Scholars increasing insurance coverage.

Municipal Ordinance No. 002, S-2000
An Ordinance Providing Hospitalization, Death and Burial benefits to all Barangay Lupon ng Tagapamaya Members and Day Care Workers of this Municipality.