Executive Order No. 26, S-2018

An Executive Order Reorganizing the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CDAC) of the City of Baybay

Executive Order No. 02, S-2018

Recomposition of the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC)

City Ordinance No. 15 S-2017
An Ordinance Regulating Smoking In Public Places as Health Protection.

City Ordinance No. 07, S-2017
Ordinance Establishing a Mechanism for the Declaration, Implementation and Enforcement of Pre-emptive and Force Evacuation during Disaster and Emergency Situations.

City Ordinance No. 08, S-2014
City Ordinance No. 08 S-2014

Ordinance Mandating Business Establishment Operating within the territorial jurisdiction of Baybay City to install closed circuit television (CCTV) System.

City Ordinance No. 06, S-2014
Baybay City Anti-Crimnality Action Plan Ordinance

City Ordinance No. 002, S-2009
Ordinance Imposing Curfew on Minors in the City of Baybay.

City Ordinance No. 006, S-2008
Ordinance Instituting the Comprehensive Drugs Ordinance  of the City of Baybay.

Municipal Ordinance No. 003, S-2003
Ordinance Requiring All Public Local Officials and National Officials and Employees Stationed in the Municipality of Baybay, Leyte to undergo Random Drug Test.

Municipal Ordinance No. 005, S-2002
Ordinance Prohibiting any Person from Sniffing Rugby, Solvent or Similar substance.

Municipal Ordinance No. 004, S-2001
Ordinance Regulating the Time of Dispensing and/or selling of Liquor wine and other Alcoholic Drinks.

Municipal Ordinance No. 99-004

An Ordinance Prohibiting the Smoking of Cigaretes, Cigar, Pipe or Tabacco inside Public Building and Places, and Inside Public Utility Vehicles and Tricycles-for-Hire in the Municipality of Baybay, Leyte and Providing Penalties for the Violations thereof.

Municipal Ordinance No. 99-001

An Ordinance for the Prevention and control of CRIME in this Municipality.

Municipal Ordinance No. 97-010

An Ordinance Regulating the Use and Sale of Toy Guns (Pellet Type)

Municipal Ordinance No. 96-008

An Ordinance Extending Assistance Fund to the Barangay Police Auxiliaries with a coverage of P3,000.00 and 1,000.00 Burial.

Municipal Ordinance No. 09-95

An Ordinance Setting or Fixing the Curfew Hour  in the Municipality of Baybay, Leyte from 10:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. the followinf day and Imposing Penalty for Violation Thereof.

Municipal Ordinance No. 01-95

An Ordinance Directing the Barangay Captains in their Respective Barangays to put up Warning Signboards for Vehicles Passing-by along the streets, roads or Highway to slow down their speed indicating thereof.