City Ordinance No. 02, S-2013
Ordinance Establishing and Creating the City Prosecution Service and its Personnel implement.

City Ordinance No. , S-2012
An Ordinance mandating the Standards in Processing Business Permit and Licenses.

City Ordinance No. 010, S-2011
Market Code of the City of Baybay

City Ordinance No. 004, S-2011
An Ordinance amending Section 139 & 140 of the Municipal Ordinance No. 1, S-1961, Municipal Ordiance No. 2, S-1962, Section 2 Municipal Ordinance No. 20, S-1989.

City Ordinance No. 003, S-2011
An Ordinance authorizing the City Treasurer or His/Her duly authorized representative to enforce Tax Revenue Code.

Municipal Ordinance No. 003, S-2006
An Ordinance amending Municipal Ordinance No. 002. S-2001 Establishing the Procedures of Quasi-Judicial Power of the Sangguniang Bayan of Baybay, Leyte.

Municipal Ordinance No. 007, S-2002
An Ordinance Implementing RA Act 8172.

Municipal Ordinance No. 4, S-1992

An Ordinance Adopting the Revised Rules and Procedure of the Sangguniang Bayan of Baybay, Leyte in Conformance to the Local Government Code of 1991.