City Ordinance 09 S-2017
An Ordinance Creating the Baybay City Resettlement Office (BCRO)

City Ordinance No. 006, S-2016
An Ordinance Approving, Confirming and Ratifying all previous representations and warranties and all terms and conditions of loan agreement for the Construction of City of Baybay City.

City Ordinance No. 06, S-2015
An Ordinance amending City Ordinance No.¬†004, S-2008 otherwise known as “An Ordinance Regulating the use of the City Government Facilities.

City Ordinance No. 004, S-2013
An Ordinance creating the Baybay City Urban Development and Housing Board.

City Ordinance No. 007, S-2012
An Ordinance approving the conversion of lot at Barangay Gabas, Baybay City.

City Ordinance No. 004, S-2012
An Ordinance repealing Municipal  Ordinance No. 06, S-1986 establishing and designating the Baybay Sports Complex as Freedom Park.

City Ordinance NO. 011, S-2011
Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the City of Baybay.

City Ordinance No. 002, S-2010
n Ordinance Establishing and Adopting Comprehensive Zoning Regulations of the City of Baybay.

Municipal Ordinance No.006,S-2006
Water System of Barangay Kambongan, Gubang, Makinhas, Imelda, Buenavista and Ga-as.

Municipal Ordinance No. 004, S-2006
Ordinance Establishing and Creating Fifty (50) meters radius perimeter line or boundary mark delineating the water source of Baybay Water District located at Barangay Villa Mag-as0, Baybay, Leyte.

Municipal Ordinance No. 003, S-2001
Regulating the Use of Baybay Public Cemetery at Barangay Hipusngo, Baybay, Leyte